Best Practices = Better Products

While there are many powerful software suites available on the market today, few are as accomplished as Adobe InDesign. But with its large number of buttons and gadgets, this publishing software can be intimidating for novice designers.

The June Ideas Collection tech tip, available on every website provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers, will walk your audience through six “best practices” for Adobe InDesign. Here are three points to preview from this month’s article:

1. Begin at the End

Ever complete a design only to find you were missing proper fonts or that your images were improperly linked? InDesign offers “Live Preflight,” which allows clients to see problems with the file before it is sent for printing.

2. Thread That Text

Often we get bogged down and frustrated by tasks that were supposed to be simple. Placing long blocks of text can be a headache, but InDesign allows users to “thread” text, flowing content from frame to frame. This allows for effortless changes to text boxes, layouts, and a more cohesive story that evenly breaks across pages.

3. Keep Formatting Consistent

Even experienced designers can find their font, sizing, and colors losing consistency throughout a printed piece. InDesign overcomes this obstacle by allowing users to create styles for all the formatting. Styles can be applied to similar text boxes and allow global changes in sweeping, simple strokes.

Proud and Print-Ready

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