The Ultimate Print Guide for Your Customers

Let’s be honest, sometimes entrepreneurs and small business owners just don’t know where to start with their print resources. They get their business cards, maybe a sign, some flyers and brochures and then they don’t know what else to do – or think they don’t really need anything else.

The Tool You Need for Your Customers

The Ultimate Print Guide for Running a Small Business is a compact and useful tool for understanding what new business owners need to market and run their business. It is the perfect guide for inspiring your customers and simplifying their print needs into something they can understand and get excited about.

The Perfect Guide

The guide covers everything from PR needs and traditional marketing materials to forms and employee manuals. The Set, Camera, Lights! section dissects the need for great images of products and what to consider if taking the photos themselves vs. having them professionally done or using stock photos. After all, nothing ruins a great flyer like an amateur photo.

The section on direct mail and other direct marketing materials lays out a good foundation to increase exposure and sales in simple steps with the potential for big results. Combine that with the section on signs, banners, window clings, car magnets and other branded materials, and you have a winning formula for success.

Looking to Inspire Your Customers

The bottom line is that this white paper is ready for you to pass along to your customers to inspire them to increase their marketing materials.

See for yourself! Here’s the sneak peek at The Ultimate Print Guide for Running a Small Business white paper as it appears on a demo website from Marketing For Printers.