An Easy Way to Promote Your Business

You know what they say… if you can’t take the heat, cool off with the latest issue of Printer’s Press newsletter!

In this Issue

In the July issue, you’ll find articles on:

  • Tips to increase your focus at work
  • A fun travel article about Tillamook, Oregon… they offer more than just cheese!
  • The many benefits of vitamin B12 shots
  • The Top 10 most famous paintings around the world
  • …and a great recipe for Philly Cheesesteak Pasta

Promo Cards – for You AND Your Business

Custom printed promo cards are an awesome way to promote your products and services, and even yourself, in a wide variety of ways! They highlight new product features, offer a discount or voucher for a free sample, or even be designed as a unique promotional business card.

For more creative ways to increase sales with print, and many other interesting articles, check out the newly updated Printer’s Press. To get started, click below or download samples.