How to Find Out What Your Customers Are Thinking

Knowing what your customers actually think is like holding the book of knowledge. It leads to better decision-making, better allocation of resources, and a more effective marketing message. Some of the most creative forms of information gathering are only one white paper away for your customers.

Gather the Right Info

The latest white paper published on websites of Marketing Ideas For Printers website subscribers, titled “What are Your Customers Thinking?” shows your customers the power of gathering the right kind of information from their customers. There are creative ideas for comment cards, surveys for direct mail, and more to help your customers think of useful ways to know their customers better.

Here’s an excerpt

You can deduce only so much from your customers’ purchasing behavior. Knowing what they think will be the difference in moving your business forward. Customers don’t often volunteer information about their changing tastes, likes, goals, and ambitions; you have to ask them. Knowing these things can help you meet the needs of your ever-evolving customer base.

Market More Effectively
Asking the right questions of your customers will allow you to know what they need to hear from your marketing message.

Create Additional, Targeted Products or Services
Feedback allows you to know what products or services your customers want or need in addition to the ones you already provide.

Remove Products or Services That Waste Resources
By identifying areas where your resources are overextended, (costing you money or employee energy) you can eliminate what’s not as profitable as other services or products.

Improve Customer Service Processes
Based on customer responses, you can identify areas to improve your customer experience.

Improve People Resources
Ask the right kind of questions that will help you discover the gaps in the skills or training of your workforce.

How to Gather This Information…

• Comment Cards
• Surveys
• Events
• Get Reviews
• Face to Face

This white paper will help you know your customers by identifying who they are, gathering good intelligence on the things that matter about them and your market, and understanding what to do with that information once it’s collected.

See for yourself! Here’s the What Are Your Customers Thinking? white paper as it appears on a demo website from Marketing For Printers.