If I Could Be Like Mike: Remembering Mike Stevens

This weekend we learned that Mike Stevens, the founder of Express Press and Marketing Ideas for Printers, is now at peace after a long battle with a reappearance of leukemia. Mike’s legacy is one that has touched thousands, including many of you reading this now.

If I Could Be Like Mike

We all have people in our lives we aspire to be like: family, friends, leaders in our industry, and for many in the printing industry, that person was Mike.

Remember the catchy jingle, “If I Could Be Like Mike,” from the 1991 Gatorade advertising campaign? The campaign featured Michael Jordan and made every novice basketball player believe they could be the next Michael Jordan.

While not many of us dream of pursuing professional athleticism, we all desire to make an impact on those around us. Mike Stevens was no exception. His days were spent intentionally engaging with others, looking for ways to pour into the lives of those around him, and making all of us better off for knowing him. Mike was able to:

“…see the bigger picture”

“…use his gift of seeing strengths and raw talents in people”

“…inspire with unwavering enthusiasm and motivation”

“…share the joy he found in the Lord and his belief in his Savior”

“…be a friend and a source of encouragement”

“…believe in people”

“…look out for others like a big brother”

“…teach us so much about the industry, life, and God”

“…show genuine care and compassion for people”

“…seek out perfection”

“…share his passion for learning”

“…love with his generous spirit and encouraging nature”

That’s the kind of Mike we should be aspiring to be like.

Mike Stevens

Mike Stevens

How about you? Let us know how Mike impacted your life. We’d like to encourage you to share your thoughts, memories, and condolences to Mike’s family below.