3 Tips to Make the Content Connection

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A frequent question that comes up regarding our content is,

“How do I take the content you’ve provided and personalize it to make it better?”

That question comes up regarding everything we offer – from social media marketing content, to direct mail, to email marketing, and the content and homepage sliders we offer on the websites.

The simple answer is: Just do anything to make it yours! But, make sure what you do has the highest impact. Here are three tips to make the content connection to your audience.

Broadcast the WIIFM Station

“What’s in it for me?”

This line of thinking is popular for most of us, and even more so when referring to your potential print-buyers. When customizing and creating your content, remember, customers care about themselves, and NOT about you. This means they’re not concerned about the specifications of your new press, but instead, how those specifications on your fancy new press will make their lives better.

Tip #1: Make sure your content easily answers the what’s-in-it-for-me question for your print-buyersPosition yourself so your customer gets to be the hero. Remember, if you help your customers win, you’ll win, too!

“What’s Fun About Playing with a Building?”

Do you remember the 1988 film Big? Josh Baskin is a teenage boy that makes a wish to be made big and wakes up the next day to find he has turned into a 30-year-old man (played by Tom Hanks). He ends up getting a job at MacMillan Toys evaluating the toys they produce, and one day he’s asked for his opinion on a toy building that turns into a robot. His response,

It turns from a building into a robot, right? Well, what’s fun about that? What’s so fun about playing with a building? That’s not any fun!

Josh Baskin saw value in the robot, but not the building. He’s not alone; your clients and prospects think the same way.

Tip #2: Show your prospects and customers that the value of printing is how it helps them tell their story and make more sales. The value of printing is NOT your building or equipment, so personalize your marketing in a way that visually displays the success your prospects and customers will experience if they get their printing from you instead of with images of your building or equipment.

Your Turn…but Just Barely

If you’re thinking, “do I ever get to talk about myself?” Good news! Yes, you do…just not all at once. Remember tip number one? “They” are still their first priority.

When talking about yourself in your content, tell them who you are in a way that leaves them wanting to explore more about you, and how you can lead them to more success. What does that look like? Create content that’s memorable, includes your benefit to them, and be sure to differentiate yourself.

Tip #3: Grab your print-buyers’ attention, but leave them wanting more. A good place to start is by creating a tagline that clearly says who you are and what do.

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Written by

Rachel Nies

Director of Marketing, Marketing Ideas For Printers

Rachel has a passion for helping others succeed. She doesn’t like the limelight but will do everything she can to help you get there. A born implementer with a love for content creation, editing, project management and administration, Rachel uses her unique abilities as the Director of Marketing at Marketing Ideas For Printers, helping printers across the country sell more printing through marketing content and online ordering solutions.