We Love Content (Now You Can, Too!)

The Power of Good Content, Marketing Ideas For Printers, Websites, MIS

Does this sound familiar?

Hmmm. . .what should we say in this blog? It should be something that inspires our customers. Yeah. Innovative. Powerful. Or maybe an educational piece? That could work; something like 3 Steps to. . .Hmmm. . .3 steps to what? What about. . .[ding]. Oh, look, Jim just emailed. No, stay focused – working on content here!

Harder Than It Looks

If you’re like most companies trying to reach customers through good content, you recognize that coming up with and writing good content is hard! First, there’s coming up with ideas on what to write about and planning when and how to publish. If you’ve managed to make it over that hurdle, then you’re on to the next mountain: eliminating distractions and creating a scheduled writing time, researching, and editing. Then, just when you think you’ll nail it, you still have to win that stare-off with your blank screen and blinking cursor to actually formulate your ideas into words on a page!

Are you exhausted yet just thinking about it?
Are you thinking, “Can’t someone just do this for me?”

Content is What We Do

Helping you fight that content battle is why we’re here. In fact, we have one goal: to combine great content with innovative technology to help you sell more printing.

All of our websites feature regularly updated content like The Ideas Collection (which feature print, design, technology, and marketing tips), white papers, the Printer@Work email newsletter, and other content-sticky areas like our “What’s New?” section.

Without lifting a finger, your customers and prospects will be coming to your website for content when an industry expert is needed or when they just want a little inspiration.

Now, you can leverage the power of content, all without devoting the time and energy necessary yourself unless you want to. Use our content as-is or, if creativity strikes, customize it into something that uniquely fits you. Either way, with your website being the single source for all of the content your readers are already looking for, you can guarantee that the best place they’ll find it will be right at your virtual doorstep.

One Less Worry

So, go ahead and answer Jim’s email and get back to what you do best: selling printing. We’ve got your content covered.

Why not check it out? You can start a free demo at any time by clicking below, or feel free to give us a call at (701) 241-9204 or (800) 736-0688. We look forward to giving you one less thing to worry about.