Where Corners are Never Cut

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On February 6, 2016, the city of Tainan, Taiwan, was slammed with a magnitude 6.4 earthquake (and sixty-eight aftershocks!). A day later, examinations of a toppled 17-story high-rise apartment building showed horrific structural problems including pillars reinforced with Styrofoam and empty tin cans. Similar quality control issues were exposed in Japan when seven massive hotels were forced to close after a prominent architect was found cheating earthquake building codes. The issue at hand? Corner cutting at its worst.

You’re the Security They’re Looking For

The June 2017 edition of our Local Edge direct mail postcard highlights the significance and security of local printing. Your customers have invested tirelessly in bringing their vision to life, and print production completes the work they’ve patiently, carefully crafted. While big-box online print can bring hassle, headaches, and generic, substandard products, trustworthy local service ensures a flawless finishing touch. Printing locally assures clients a seamless match of color, brand, and professional materials EVERY time they print.

A Flawless Finishing Touch

Show your customers how local print pairs two winning elements: a wholehearted commitment to excellent craftsmanship, and the matchless service that comes from fully invested relationships. We’ll encourage prospects to find security and confidence with you – where quality is a cornerstone, each job is a custom order, and corners are never cut.

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