Your Brand is Only as Strong as its Weakest Touch Point

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What turns customers away from a website, advertisement, or company? Perhaps it’s the message itself or the way a brand is presented. Sometimes the information is just too scattered, time-consuming, or confusing! Today’s consumers face a barrage of competing messages, so helping your customers learn to evaluate and understand each intersection between a customer and their business is critical.

A Critical Crossroad

These intersections, or touch points, are the focus of the latest marketing tip added to the Ideas Collection of every website provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers. Touch points are anything your customers come in “touch” with before, during, or after a sale. These can include such things as a company’s advertisements, flyers, business cards, blogs, tradeshow presence, or even their customer service and voicemail manners. Each touch point represents an entry into the sales funnel where a visitor either continues forward or turns away.

Every Touch Point Matters

In this new tip, your customers will learn that simply having a touch point in place is no longer an option. Rather, each touch point must perfectly represent their brand, offering a cohesive, captivating message. To help with this, there’s a simple three-step formula to consider:

LIST: List all current touch points, including websites, e-mails, customer service, direct mail, etc.
EVALUATE: Use objective observers to give an unbiased review of each touch point. This process of discovery helps to find “weak links” and make necessary corrections.
TAKE ACTION: Overcome deficits by viewing weak touch points as opportunities for growth.

The L.E.T. formula helps create an organized, customer-centered understanding of what’s working and what’s not to unify overall brand messaging and get ahead today!

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