Limited Customer Launch

Odyssey is now accepting fifteen new customers!

Are you one of the fifteen?

You can be if you’re a printer who:

Later in 2017, Odyssey will be available for printers everywhere, but for now, Odyssey is being made available to just fifteen new customers that will join our Early Adopters. By intentionally limiting Odyssey’s growth, we’ll be in a position to give an unfair amount of attention to the printers that use Odyssey day-to-day.

A Growing Community

Odyssey has grown to be surrounded by a vital community. By limiting Odyssey’s launch to just 15 new customers, we can help the Odyssey community continue to grow and, at the same time, maintain a laser-like focus on what’s important for the long-term success of Odyssey and the Odyssey community.

We couldn’t have come this far without the help and influence of the Odyssey community, and there’s a spot open for you to join us! Read below to see how the Odyssey community began and how you can join us.

First, The Founding Members

The quest for a new breed of Print MIS started in the summer of 2015 after we approached a select number of printers with the idea of building Odyssey. They were just as excited as us! This exclusive group of printers, our Founding Members, helped us reach our next milestone: previewing Odyssey at Graph Expo in September 2016. Here’s a video recording of that preview.

Then, The Early Adopters

Even though Odyssey’s launch date was still in the future, printers that experienced the preview were excited to see where it was going, and they wanted to be a part of it. During this preview period, we invited another group of printers to join Odyssey, and they become our Early Adopters.

Now, It’s Your Turn

Who you buy from can be just as important as what you buy, so why not join a community whose number one goal is to help you sell more printing by creating and providing an MIS that’s powerful, efficient, and offers the human touch you desire to give your customers.

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