You’ll Get Moderately Confused

Let’s get the play on words straight right from the start. Moderately Confused is a cartoon, and it’s been added to all Websites For Printers websites! Here are a few samples:




Moderately Confused is described as:

A whimsical, slice-of-life view into life’s fool-hardy moments.

That pretty much nails it!

You’ll find the Moderately Confused cartoon in the [email protected] section of your website, which is promoted through the [email protected] email newsletter. Here’s where you can view more Moderately Confused cartoons, on one of our Websites For Printers public demo websites.

We love all the cartoons in [email protected]; they provide fun, “sticky” content that always entertains website visitors! Keen eyes that visit [email protected] will notice something missing: the cartoon Kit ‘n’ Caryle is no longer in the lineup because its creator, Larry Wright, has retired. In its place, we welcome Moderately Confused to our content lineup!

You’ll love this stream of fresh comedic content, but there’s so much more. Did you know there are over 78 pages of content added to Websites For Printers website every single month? Check out the complete content lineup found on Websites For Printers websites.