An Auto-Fill Improvement for uDesignIt!

We have a small, yet powerful update for printers using uDesignIt! on Websites For Printers websites. Your customers can now have their physical address information auto-fill the form for document personalization.

Business cards provide the perfect case study. Up to this point with uDesignIt!, the website has used your customer’s account information (name, phone number, email address, etc.) to pre-populate information in the document being personalized. A pre-populated order form with a preview of the finished document looks something like this:

But, notice there’s something missing: the address information. The difficulty comes when your customer’s account contains multiple addresses. For example, they may have a work address and a home address associated with their account. Which address information should the website use to pre-populate the order form? Now, your customer can decide!

Here’s what happens: If there’s only one address in the customer’s account, it’s pretty straightforward; the website uses that address. However, if there are multiple addresses associated with the customer’s account, the website will default to the last address used and allow the customer to select a different address. Here’s a short 30-second video that shows how it all comes together.


uDesignIT! Auto-fill In Action


It’s ridiculously simple for your customers to use, and the best part is, it’s available right now! To allow the address information to auto-fill, go into your uDesignIt!-powered Document Library items and use the Default Value entry to identify which form fields should be eligible for auto-fill.

Your customers will enjoy auto-fill freedom just as soon as you make that change on their uDesignIt!-powered Document Library items!