Order Forms Like You’ve Never Known Before!

Open a can of outstanding, we have some important news to share! It’s time to reveal a very big project that we’ve been working on for you; we are ready to roll out an update to the Websites For Printers order forms!

The Best of…Everything!

This update includes the best of the original Level 1 website order forms, the best of the Document Library order forms, and the best of the current websites’ order forms. These “best ofs” combine together to create a highly customizable, functional, and (dare we say) beautiful order form system on your Websites For Printers websites.

EnvelopesWe’ve also added items that we believe will show up on your “best of” list pretty quickly…things like the return of global questions, where you can define your question once and use it multiple times throughout all of your website order forms. We’ve also added question rules, so that the answer to one question (envelope size, for example) will determine the display of other questions (window selections, in our envelope example).

Streamlined Pricing Management

The new order forms will streamline the way pricing is displayed on your website. There’s now one place to manage all pricing displays for each order form. You’ll have the option to display everything from no pricing at all to a price calculated in real-time using a Harmony-enabled connection with Printer’s Plan.

This is big stuff! We’ve prepared two webinars to answer any questions you might have about these new and better-than-ever order forms. Our Websites For Printers customers are strongly urged to attend, but of course everyone is invited. Both sessions are identical, so sign up for the one that works best for you:


Come Prepared

Before attending the webinar, you’ll want to watch this seven-minute video. This video is the starting point that will allow us to quickly dig deeper into your questions at the upcoming webinars. Check it out here:

It’s Important To You and Your Customers

Why is this new system such a big deal? For starters, everything you’ve told us that’s important to you in an order form system is now all here. It’s important to you, so it’s important to us, and it’s important to your customers, too! Not only do you have the tools you need to create great orders forms, but your customers will also experience an elegant display and ease of use with those order forms. No geeky “computer degree required”! Just simple, beautiful, easy-to-use order forms that facilitate accurate digital conversations between you and your customers.

Ready Now (and in April)

The order forms update will be turned on for all of our Websites For Printers customers on Monday, April 6, but we can get you started right now if you just can’t wait! We’ll activate the order forms update on an as-requested basis. Just let us know when you’re ready.