Sell More Printing with Social Media

Everyone’s using social media to share birthday greetings, tell the world about their new favorite food, and complain about the weather. But how do you use social media to sell more printing?

Ironically, you use social media to sell printing by not selling printing.


Social media is about being social, not “sales pitch-y!” If you use social media to be social, you’ll start to connect with customers and prospects. You’ll start a conversation with them … a conversation rooted in a constant stream of fun and interesting information delivered via social media. Then, some day when they need to buy printing, who’s going to come to the top of their mind? YOU! The person they’ve been having a conversation with! And that’s the point where social media turns from a conversation into a sale!

If speaking social media isn’t your native tongue, starting the conversation can feel awkward. That’s where The Buzz comes in! The Buzz is a month-to-month subscription service; it’s your social media conversation starter. We’ll provide content for Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and posts for your blog all ready for you to use at the push of a button. The Buzz takes away the hassle of coming up with social media content on your own.


Right now we’re offering you the ability to double the value of your subscription to The Buzz. Prepurchase as many months as you wish, and then we’ll double the value! It’s a “Buy One, Get One Free” offer! For every month you prepurchase, we’ll give you an additional month for free.

Prepurchase as many months as you wish, and we’ll add an equal number of months to your subscription! For example, buy 5 months of Buzz Plus for $149.75, and we’ll extend your Buzz Plus subscription by another 5 months. You choose how many months, and we’ll double whatever you choose!

Give Scott a call at 800-736-0688 ext. 7002, or send him an email at and he’ll help you get the conversation started.

The Fine Print

  • Offer good until January 1, 2015
  • Offer good to new or returning Buzz subscribers only.
  • All sales are final. Refunds are not issued for cancellation of prepaid service.
  • Need to downgrade to a lower level of The Buzz in the future? No problem, but please understand credit is not issued for prepaid services.
  • Upgrading? You’ll still get the “Buy One, Get One Free” offer. You’ll pay the difference for half of the remaining months in your prepurchased service, and we’ll throw in the other half at no charge.