Here is a Celebration That is Helping Our Team Pursue Excellence

Do you value excellence in your organization? You kinda have to answer “Yes” to that question, don’t you? Chris Locurto is one of my go-to leadership experts, and Chris wrote a blog post that explores the idea of excellence. It’s a two-minute read. Give it a look: Excellence is Created, Not Demanded.

Here’s one of the points Chris makes:

…put a process in place so people have the ability to point out how other team members are being excellent. Let your team brag on each other. Make sure that you’re continuing to share this message with everyone. If you will do this, people will go out of their way to be excellent.

The Excellence Award

Here’s how we do it at Marketing Ideas For Printers. Whenever someone on our team catches someone doing something right, they present an Excellence Award. It goes like this. If anyone on our team notices excellence, they take an Excellence Award sheet (shown below on our Employee Communications Wire) and fill it out with the award winner’s name and what excellent thing they noticed the winner doing.

The person presenting the award calls a company meeting to present the award. We listen to the presentation, clap and whistle a bit, and then the award recipient selects a $10 gift card from the Employee Communications Wire.

Marketing Ideas For Printers Excellence Award

Marketing Ideas For Printers Excellence Award

It doesn’t take long, it creates a fun moment, and most importantly … this little ceremony creates an environment that rewards excellence. It’s a lot of fun!

The Excellence Award form we use is available as a PDF document: Excellence Award PDF. Feel free to grab a copy if you’d like to use it for an idea-starter to get your own Excellence Award program launched.

Question For You…

How do you celebrate excellence at your company? Leave a comment and let us know!