Expanded Reorder Capabilities

Here’s some good news for our current Level 1 website customers looking to upgrade, as well as those who’ve upgraded from a Level 1 site in the past:

Untitled-4All Orders Can Now Be Reordered

On Level 2 and Level 3 websites, customers have always been able to place reorders for their document library items. However, orders placed using the Place an Order, Request Estimate, Send File and JobReady order forms on your Level 1 website could not be reordered because they were incompatible with the new system. But thanks to some updates to our system, it is now possible to allow your customers to reorder any orders that were placed on your Level 1 site, no matter what order form they used. This is just one more way to make it fun and easy for your customers to buy printing from you.

By Request

This process requires some heavy lifting, so it’s not automatically part of your upgrade. But if you’d like us to open up all of your previous orders for reordering, just let us know. There is no cost for doing so.

Already upgraded your website? That’s not a problem. We can still convert your order history to allow all of your Level 1 orders to be reordered.

Interested? Just call our support team at 1-800-736-0688, or start a new ticket in the Help Center, and we’ll be happy to help you out.