“Download All” Now Ready for Level 2 and Level 3

The One-click Way To Save Time

DownloadALLTheFilesSmall We are pleased to announce that downloading the files your customers have provided with their orders just became a lot easier! Now, instead of clicking to download each individual file, you can click the folder icon with the down arrow (located next to the print-friendly icon) to download all files associated with an order in a single .zip file. Or perhaps you only want the files for a particular job within the order? We’ve added a download all button for that, too!

In Other News…

We made some other tweaks to the website this week as well:HousekeepingFiles

  • Complete all items in the Workflow: Download All isn’t the only bulk tool we added this week. Now you can mark several orders as “Completed” all at once. Just click any orders that you want to bulk-complete and click the Complete All Checked button. As an added bonus, if you select any invalid orders (like unsubmitted shopping cart orders), the process will just ignore those and notify you that some of your selections were not eligible. Perfect for that end-of-year housekeeping!
  • Override Approvers settings: In the Approvers tabs for Companies and Branches, users now have the option to override settings at the lower levels. So, if Joe Customer requires approval from Tom Overlord to submit an order, and you assign A. President as the approver for the whole company, you now have the option to override all assignments within the company…and if you choose to do so, Joe’s approver will now be A. President, NOT Tom Overlord.

By the way … are you wondering about the friendly fella in the first graphic? Wonder no more: X all the Y has the explanation!