Use Social Media To Build Connections With Prospects And Customers

Pop quiz: How were you directed to the latest “viral” video or photo online?

(Hint: Not through Google!)

There once was a time when it seemed like social media was just a fad that could be safely ignored, but those days are far behind now. When it comes to getting your message spread far and wide by your strongest supporters, social media is the engine that powers success. Social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter make it easy for users to share information with friends and other trusted sources, who in turn share that information with their friends. This way, the message spreads from one trusted source to another, ensuring that it’s always…well, trusted.

Search Engine Optimization may help potential customers find your website; but social media not only brings people to your website, it keeps them connected with your organization so that they keep coming back for more!

To stay connected with your customers, though, you have to say something. And that may be the most difficult part of doing social media properly — how do you keep coming up with something to share?

Don’t worry, we have you covered. Our social media content engine, The Buzz, automatically supplies you with interesting and engaging content to begin those conversations with your customers online. We provide you with new Twitter content every weekday, and Facebook posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Are you a blogger, or have an account on LinkedIn? We have you covered there, too, with new content every Tuesday and Thursday to help you supplement your own content.

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