Minding the Little Things

Every now and then, we like to give you a peek “behind the curtain”. This week, we made a simple update to one of the Control Center settings pages that we thought you might find interesting.

Here’s the situation: we wanted to do a little something extra to help make the Browser Window Title Settings page easily communicate what the setting does (for those of you following along, that page is under “My Website”, in the “SEO” sidebar menu). In many ways, it was fine the way it was. It had on-page instructions, and even had a sample image of where page titles appear in a browser window. Pretty straight-forward.

But we wanted to make it better.

So, we replaced the sample image that shows where web page titles appear in web browsers with live-editable samples of how your title appears in browsers, even as you type it! See for yourself by playing the 8-second video below…


It’s not groundbreaking. It’s not going to revolutionize the way you use the Control Center. In fact, some users may never even use the page. But we thought it was a good example of our continuing focus on making the websites the best they can be — making sure that they make sense as much as possible, and are easy to understand and use.

Are there any pages you’d like to see improved? Be sure to tell us in the comments, and we’ll check it out.