Announcing Private Label Websites for, Available Now

Private Label Websites

More and more, your corporate customers are asking to order their printing from a website that looks like their corporate website, even though you’ll be managing it.

What’s a small commercial printer do? How can you afford to build a new website to serve only one client?!

Delivering What Corporate Customers Want

That’s where our new Private Label Websites feature comes in. With Private Label Websites, you are now only 15 minutes away from delivering the same full-featured ordering system you provide for all of your customers through your website, branded to your corporate clients!


Not only do these new features make it easy for you to provide a full print ordering system that’s fully branded to any corporate client that asks for it, but you can do so quickly and easily with the user-friendly tools built right into your Control Center.

A Strategic Decision

Strategically, Private Label Websites also help you turn your corporate clients into permanent customers. Historically, custom-branded ordering sites have proven to be extremely difficult for a customer to walk away from.

So this is a clear win-win: your customers get a branded website that makes it easy for them to buy printing from you, and you get a customer for life by providing what they want.

Now’s The Time

As some of you know, we dabbled in the Private Label Website concept with the Level 1 sites — and some of you have relied on them so much that you’ve been unable to upgrade to the Level 2 or Level 3 sites because the Private Label Websites were too valuable to you and to your customers to leave behind.

So we’ll just take this opportunity to reach out to you and say: now’s the time. If you liked Private Label Websites before, you’ll love the Private Label Websites on the Level 2 and Level 3 sites! Call Scott today (800-736-0688) to start your transition into the new websites.

Printable Job Tickets

But that’s not all we’ve been up to lately. We’ve also recently updated the printable job tickets in the Level 2 and Level 3 sites. Now, when viewing an order’s details, you can click the printer icon on the right side of the page to print an entire order’s information in a helpful, readable format.

And our favorite feature? If there’s more than one job in the order, the system will automatically start each job’s details on a new page, allowing you to send the printed job ticket around with the job as it makes its way through the production process!