Introducing Video Callout Buttons

Say It With Video

Each Level 2 and Level 3 home page has between four and six callout boxes designed to call special attention to other pages on your website that you wish to showcase, or to deliver a special marketing message. We offer several pre-built callout boxes for your convenience, but you also have the ability to use our easy editing tools to create your own.

Previously, you could add text and images only — but now you can add videos to your callout boxes as well!

And talk about a great presentation for the video! We built the page to play the video in full-page view for your visitors, rather than simply playing within the callout box.

Be sure to watch this week’s Lightning Round Webinar, where we introduced this exciting new feature for our Level 2 and Level 3 sites.

Always Busy in the Lab

But that’s just the most recent update. We’ve made several other updates to the Level 2 and Level 3 websites, including major updates, bug fixes, and subtle usability tweaks in recent months. Two notable major changes are the ability to apply custom website colors, and the ability to customize home page “slider” graphics.

Custom Site Colors

Several of our Level 2 and Level 3 websites allow you to choose from four to seven predefined colors. But with our Custom Site Color feature, you can now choose from 1 of 16 million colors! So if the color of your logo is an important part of your branding efforts, you can now carry that color into your website as well.

Custom Home Page Sliders

Also, we’ve received a lot of requests from our customers to allow customization of the slides that appear on the home page of the Level 2 and Level 3 sites. And we’re happy to say you can now create new slides and remove existing ones, as few or as many as you wish. Our easy customization tools do all of the work for you. Just write some text and upload an image, and you’re ready to go. To get started, go to your Control Center and choose Web Pages from the top menu, and then Custom Sliders from the Home Page side menu.

Another Week, Another Update

We update our websites frequently, inspired by requests from you, the customer. Each week brings at least one improvement, and some weeks bring several improvements! If there’s a feature you’d like to see in the website, be sure to let us know — several of our best ideas come from you, the customer!