Do You Use QuarkXPress?

Beginning with the August 2013 issues of our packages (mailing out in June), we will provide the Ink Inc. page layout files exclusively in Adobe InDesign format. Over the past few years, we have noticed a steady decline in QuarkXPress use among printers and designers. In fact, the number of Ink Inc. customers who use the QuarkXPress files we provide is very, very low.

Our last issue to include QuarkXPress files will be the July 2013 packages, which will go out in May. We wanted to make sure you had plenty of notice before we make this change. If you rely on QuarkXPress to produce your Ink Inc. mailers, we recommend investing in Markzware’s ID2Q software, which is what we currently use to convert the Ink Inc. files from InDesign to QuarkXpress. The software works well and is available for both Mac and PC. More information is available on their website at