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Imagine how silly it’d be for the Olympic flame to be lit in Olympia, Greece, and then handed off for a willy-nilly relay that had no destination.

Can you just picture the televised interview with the torchbearers? “Oh, well, we’re just out here to enjoy the journey. We figure if we just run around with the flame for a while until it goes out, it will inspire the world!” Uh, no.

Inspiration is found in knowing your destination and then implementing a plan that will get you there successfully.

So, ask yourself which is true of your print business:

a. You know where you’re going and are running toward a thriving future destination.
b. You know you should be running, and you are running (crazy!), but you really haven’t defined what you’re running to.
c. Your flame has gone out, and you’re wandering in the dark.

No matter which of those statements resonates best with you, remember that your print business isn’t meant to stay stagnant. You’re meant to share your business flame with others.

But how? How do you grow or where? Where should you focus your energy, and what are the benchmarks of your success? Keep reading for a great place to start.

Website Analytics: The Easiest Way to Tell You Where to Grow Next

Putting website analytics to work for you is an excellent way to plan your business strategies effectively and grow your print business faster.

Simply put, website analytics help you better understand the behavior of people visiting your web pages. It involves tracking and collecting data and then using that compiled data to help you streamline better decisions for your print business.

Let’s drill it down even further.

3 Ways Website Analytics Can Benefit Your Print Business

Website analytics provide a myriad of benefits for your business as they act as your map, telling you where you are and where you need to go next.

Here are three specific benefits you’ll achieve with website analytics.

1. Website Analytics Will Tell You Who Your Print Buyers Are

Pop quiz: Do you know the average age, gender, and location of your print buyers? How about which device they’re using to access your website or what time of day?

With website analytics, you’re able to learn the demographic information of your print buyers. Armed with this information, you can make goals that better align with your audience. You can pivot your strategies better and enhance the overall experience your print buyers have on your website.

This valuable information also helps you create a buyer persona, narrowing in on exactly your audience’s needs and pain points and creating the content and solutions that will help.

And, speaking of content…

2. Website Analytics Will Help You Pinpoint Your Best Content

Curious to know what content on your website is performing well and which pieces are falling flat?

Website analytics shows you the content that is drawing your prospective print buyers to your website, the content that is converting prospects into print sales, and the content that is causing visitors to bounce off or exit your website.

Consider this for a minute: what if you knew a particular article on your website was an exit point for your readers? With that valuable knowledge, you could enhance that article with better next steps, connections to other blogs or resources, or a better call to action in order to achieve your desired outcome. Without that knowledge, you’re left in the dark, simply guessing by choosing the content you like best or least.

3. Website Analytics Will Help Your Website’s SEO

Fun fact: the average website conversion rate is 2.35%. Any idea what your conversion rate is?

Website analytics helps to improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) by following a simple formula. It looks like this: more organic traffic = more leads = more conversions.

How do you get more organic traffic? By providing compelling and interesting content to your audience (see point number 2).

There are a number of ways you can use website analytics to help you with SEO, including making modifications to help with bounce rates and dwell times, identifying broken or dead links, learning how your print buyers are transitioning from page to page through your website, and more.

So, how does it work?


The Process of Website Analytics

When you’re ready to get started with website analytics, you’ll follow a similar process whether you venture out on your own or subscribe to Website Analytics from Marketing Ideas For Printers.

First, you’ll get a baseline of where things are at on your website now. Then, you’ll set goals for what you’d like to see and collect additional data points. Next up, you’ll review your data against your goals and then develop a strategy to optimize the path to get you there. Lastly, you’ll test. That’s it. It’s a simple process of rinse and repeat after that to ultimately get you on the path to reigniting your print business and selling more printing!

If you’re ready to stop spinning in circles and need a set direction for your print business, website analytics can help you get there.

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