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Why Odyssey?

Odyssey 2.0 is a Print MIS the way printers intended! 

REWRITTEN using XJDF, Odyssey 2.0 features the most up-to-date language specifically designed for the print industry, supporting the complete lifecycle of a print job.

REDESIGNED and built on a foundational and robust Resources Engine, Odyssey 2.0 combines relationship-building communication, powerful and accurate estimating, order management, and more.

REIMAGINED to grow and scale with your business, Odyssey 2.0 takes what you think Print MIS should be and brings it to a whole new level.


Superior Estimating

Guarantee profitability from every job, manage your clients’ expectations, and deliver answers faster than you ever thought possible.


Optimized Order and Workflow Management

Weed out redundancies, skyrocket efficiency, and stop chasing down orders and start investing in your print business.


Worry-Free Accounting and Reporting

Get the precision and accuracy you need to build credibility, enhance your company’s reputation, and eliminate unnecessary mental burden.


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