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Welcome back! If you’re just joining us in this six-part email series, we’ve been unpacking how to grow your existing print buyer accounts with the help of some self-reflecting questions.

So far, we’ve talked about how to better understand the needs of your print buyers, learned some new ways to stay top-of-mind, and examined steps to continually build credibility and trust to keep those print buyers coming back again and again.

Today, we’ll explore how to leverage your existing print buyer accounts to make new sales and grow your business.

Understanding the Power of Leverage

When companies are busy trying to secure more sales, it’s not uncommon for them to cast as wide of a net as possible and see what sticks.

Paid ads? Check. SEO? Check. Promotional campaigns? Check.

While these techniques may move the needle somewhat, one of the more effective techniques at their disposal (and yours) is leveraging current customers to help secure new buyers.

After all, who knows your prospects’ pain points better than anyone? Who can speak their language and share the incredible results they’ve experienced with your product and services?

Your current clients can.

Your print buyers can make a case for your printing business in less time than it would ever take those same prospects to go through a complete marketing campaign.

Leverage this to your advantage by working with those customers who are willing to speak to your printing firm’s excellence. Ask them to serve as references and collaborate with them to develop shareable success stories.

The Riches of Loyalty in a Cancel Culture

Another tool in your toolbox that you can leverage is loyalty.

Loyalty is a dying ideal in the on-demand world we live in today. Don’t like the TV show you’re watching? Instantly stream a different one. Wish your smile was different in that picture? Delete it and try again.

If you’re even the slightest bit uncomfortable, the world no longer requires you to tough it out or grow through the struggle. Instead, at any time, you can jump ship the moment any form of discontent shows up and find something (or even someone) that suits you better.

This cancel-culture mindset has oozed its way into the business world as well. As a result, that pull that once was felt to stick with a local banker, insurance agent, or printer because you knew them personally has continued to diminish.

So, when you do find and create loyal customers, you need to do everything you can to keep them that way. Show those loyal customers that you appreciate them by:

  • Offering special promotions or discounts when they reach a certain spending target (e.g., 10% off your next purchase of $100 or more)
  • Giving them preferential treatment (free shipping, exclusive discounts, etc.)
  • Helping them succeed by offering them solutions that make their online print ordering easier. Solutions such as a Reorder Forms Library or a private ordering portal, so they never have to leave their own website to place a print order with you.

Your mission is to cherish the prized assets that loyal customers are because, as brand specialist Jason Langella says, “If you don’t appreciate your customers, someone else will.”

Referrals: Goldmines for Your Print Business

One of the greatest things you can do for your print business is to keep track of your cheerleaders.

Why? Because the word-of-mouth referrals these mega-fans can give your business are priceless. Consider the following:

As much as companies try to use their marketing to toot their own horns and broadcast their value, it pales in comparison to the impact referrals from your own satisfied print buyers can make. Heed the proverbial wisdom that mothers everywhere have been passing along for centuries to not brag about yourself but to let others do that for you.

So instead of shelling out money on quirky paid ad campaigns, invest your marketing efforts in developing solid and lasting relationships. In the long run, you will leverage a much bigger payoff.


Join us again next week when we’ll tackle the question,
“How can we position our print buyers for a successful future with us?”


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