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Last week, you learned all about the Awareness Stage of your print buyers’ journey. You had a chance to ask yourself some important questions to get in the mind of your buyers, and you learned the most impactful types of content to use when your buyers are in this stage.

This week, you’ll be moving on to the next stepping stone in your print buyers’ journey: the Consideration Stage.

What is the Consideration Stage?

If you recall, in the Awareness Stage, your print buyer is just coming to the realization that they’re experiencing symptoms of a pain point or opportunity, but they haven’t quite defined what it is yet.

Once they move into the Consideration Stage, however, your print buyers have been able to put words behind the issue and define the goal or challenge they’re experiencing. Now that they’ve recognized the problem, they’re committed to addressing it.

Simply put, the consideration stage is when your print buyer has defined their problem and are researching options to solve it.

Understanding the Consideration Stage: Check Yourself

Even though your print buyers have clearly defined their goal and are committed to finding a solution, how they go about that could vary from one print buyer to another.

It’s important during this stage that you explore the different ways or methods your print buyers will pursue to solve their pain points. The following questions are important to ask yourself, so you can have targeted content that will satisfy their needs when looking for a solution.

Remember that whatever the reason may be that your print buyer came across you, you’ve now captured their interest! Now that you have it, it’s your job to keep that attention by having some valuable content in place. Whatever avenue your initial communication with your prospect takes, be sure to make it a good one! Here are some content pieces to have on hand for the Consideration Stage.

Content for Your Print Buyers in the Consideration Stage

While you can still make use of all the educational and informative content you created for the Awareness Stage, in the Consideration Stage, you want to add content that will help you close the deal, such as:

  • White Papers: These are great for lead generation because they’re more comprehensive than a blog post or short article. White papers provide such great information that print buyers are more likely to exchange their contact information to receive it. Click here to find out how White Papers really do help you sell more printing. 
  • Research Reports: What data do you have regarding the power of printing or direct mail that you can share with your print buyers? Research reports or statistic sheets are high-value pieces of content that are great for lead generation.
  • Customer Testimonials: During the Consideration Stage, it’s highly likely that your print buyers will be researching your competitors as well. Be sure to highlight what sets you apart. What is your key differentiator? Use the answer to that question in your testimonials and then share, share, share!
  • Case Studies: Start by asking, “How is [product/service] helping [print buyer] solve their [pain point or challenge]?
  • Product or Service Demos: Could you offer a demo for your online design software or your Private Label Website service?

Other things to include during the Consideration Stage:

  • Pricing Guides
  • Webinars
  • FAQs

Come Out on Top

Keep this in mind: No matter how you communicate with your print buyers through content, don’t leave them hanging!

Be sure to follow-up with them and be prompt, friendly, and helpful in your response. Every touchpoint adds to the overall image your print buyer has of your printing firm, and you want to come out on top during the Consideration Stage and move them forward in their buyer’s journey.

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