Your New Career

Web App Developer

Marketing Ideas For Printers is searching for a Web Applications Developer to join our team for a one-year commitment, with the option to extend that year into a long-term career. We’re creating a new service for printers that requires you have the ability to embrace acronyms like MySQL, PHP, and JSON. This new service will build on our existing platform of business, ecommerce, and marketing tools, and expand those tools in a way that will allow printers to connect with their customers and prospects like never before.

This is a big deal, so we don’t want to tip any cards to our competitors yet. That means the details of this new service need to be kept confidential at the moment. Please contact Dave Hultin at the office (701-241-9204 x 7001) or on his mobile number (701-261-8176) to learn more about the details of this employment opportunity.


Here’s what we can tell you now:

As a Web Applications Developer you will have direct contact with a small core group of our customers that have already made the commitment of time and finances to help us launch this new service. The work you do will have a direct impact our customers’ day-to-day success; therefore, your work will directly impact the quality of our customers’ relationships with Marketing Ideas For Printers.

You’ll work with our existing team members (designers and writers) to help build this new service, and you’ll also be able to use our Customer Care team for ongoing testing of the service being created.

As a Web Applications Developer, you’ll already have real-world development experience, with a substantial project or two (or more!) under your belt. Additionally you are able to demonstrate the following required skills:

  • Ability to write clean, readable code … the kind of code that would make your mother proud!
  • Ability to document your code clearly and concisely
  • Fluency in at least one server scripting language (ASP, Python, PHP, etc.)
  • An understanding of JSON and XML
  • Ability to work with MySQL databases

As you become more familiar with the project and our team, you will be expected to acquire the following skills:

  • A fluency in MySQL databases
  • An understanding of the printing industry
  • An understanding of all Marketing Ideas For Printers products and services… Websites For Printers in particular

Marketing Ideas For Printers is at the top level of a very unique service. We create the technology and services that help printers sell more printing by combining marketing content and complex technology that would otherwise be beyond the reach of small and mid-sized printers. The work we do reaches beyond the printers and touches their customers and prospects (the print buyers). Therefore, the work you do will touch not only our customers, but also our customers’ customers.

You’ll be working on a fun team that feels like family, and enjoys typical benefits like health and dental insurance, vacation time, bereavement leave, and a few quirky extras like Pizza Friday, breakfast burritos, coffee and ice cream (depending on which seasonal extreme we’re experiencing at the moment), free memberships to Costco or Sam’s Club, and a monthly visit from a masseuse. This is a fun place to work!

If you have the talent and desire to make a big impact on the half a million people that use our system (our customers’ customers), then let’s talk! You can start the conversation by contacting us using the form below, or give Dave a call at the office (701-241-9204 x 7001) or on his mobile number (701-261-8176).