7 Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Print Website

The day-to-day effort it takes to own and operate a print business can leave little time for anything else.

But when the daily grind keeps you head-down and plugging away, time can pass by much more quickly than you realize. By the time you do get a chance to look up, you might be surprised that things you once thought were running like a well-oiled machine now need a little freshening up.

Freshen Up Your Print Website with These 7 Tips

If it’s been a while since you’ve focused your attention on your website, here are seven ways you can breathe new life into your website.

1. Try Out a New Website Theme

One of the quickest and easiest ways to revamp your website is to give it a facelift with a new theme.

Whether you want to stand out and be a print hero, like clean styles or eye-catching video, or simply prefer to highlight your local presence, you can easily find the perfect starting point to a whole new look. 

As your print business evolves, so should your website. Does your current look and feel reflect your business now and in the new future? Or, does your website still mirror the print business you were years ago? Now is the perfect time to spruce up your image!

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2. Clean up your Search Engine Optimization Settings

Another often overlooked area of your website that should be reviewed is the search engine optimization (SEO) settings available to you in your website’s Control Center. 

When is the last time you’ve reviewed your web page titles or website meta descriptions to ensure they’re giving you the best SEO results possible? 

Take the time to review the SEO settings for each page of your website. Make sure those page title and meta tag description fields are filled out and that you’re using the keywords you want to rank for within your page titles. 

Want a better understanding of SEO and keywords? Check out the SEO and Google AdWords for Beginners webinar.

3. Take Advantage of New Sidebar Ads

Did you know that there are new website sidebar ad options available to you?

Our marketing and design team has made an effort to provide a new set of ads for you semi-annually, so you’ll continue to have a growing library of sidebar ad images to choose from. 

If you’ve been using the same sidebar ads for longer than you can remember, it’s time to bring your website into the modern and current landscape and update those ads.

Don’t overlook this valuable real estate on your website. Update these ads to correlate with specials or events happening for your business and/or highlight the products and services that will resonate best with your audience. 

4. Replace Outdated Photos

Images can say a lot about your business, so make sure they’re saying the best things possible.

When you scroll through your website, do you still see a picture of that employee who left several years ago? Or maybe you still have all offset press photos on your website, but you went all digital a while ago.

To freshen things up, update outdated or low-quality photos with images that better represent your company and your brand today. You might be surprised at what a difference current images can make to your website’s overall look and feel.

5. Update Your Pricing

When is the last time you’ve reviewed your website pricing for accuracy?

Does your current pricing reflect the value you bring and your own profit goals? If not, why not? Take the time to update your product pricing on your website to reflect your current rates and bump up your e-commerce capabilities.

Today, print buyers expect a streamlined online ordering service, and displaying current pricing will only help with that experience. Even if you’re a B2B business, people use pricing to gauge what type of company you are. Limit any wrong assumptions by having answers at the ready.

Not sure about pricing on your website? Check out this blog: E-Commerce for Printers: Should I Put Pricing on My Website?

6. Check Your Messaging

The messaging on your website is vital to making a connection and resonating with your visitor.

When you read your current website’s messaging, can you tell what your print business is all about? Can you tell from the messaging who your ideal customer is, if you’re a B2B or B2C printer, or what your company’s values are?

Remember, the target of your messaging may change over time. If you started with a focus on quick printing, for example, and you’ve since evolved to large format or a more B2B consultative print approach, your website’s messaging should reflect that.

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7. Do a Security Check

Lastly, having the proper security measures in place on your website can make all the difference in building user trust and saving yourself a lot of headaches.

Any website can fall prey to spambots. 

While these spambots will most likely make themselves known through a surge of fake customer accounts and an unwelcome onslaught of bogus account emails, you can put a stop to it by implementing added security through reCAPTCHA on your print website.

If you haven’t implemented reCAPTCHA on your website yet, be sure to let us know. This protective measure can quickly be put into action on your website and safeguard you from online imposters.

For a Better Tomorrow

If you want to have a better tomorrow, filled with selling more printing, these seven things will help you get there today.