eCommerce For Printers: Online Payments and PCI Compliance

Ecommerce is no longer a “wave of the future.” It’s a necessity.

As part of that expectation, consumers are counting on your printing firm to be able to take credit card payments through your website and be trusted with the transaction details.

Remember the pre-internet days of taking a credit card payment?

You lugged that big slider thingy up onto the counter, put your NCR receipt paper in there with the credit card, and then slid it back and forth a dozen times until you magically created a semi-readable etching of the information. Ahh… those were the days; life was slower back then.

Today, however, life’s quickened pace has meant that credit card payments have to hit on all markers of fast, secure, and safe. The creation of the digital space and the Amazon-like ordering experience means consumers, small business owners, and credit card companies need a way to protect themselves against digital fraud. Data and information need to be protected with just as much fervor as physical currency.

And, if your printing firm wants to take credit card payments via your website, that’s where PCI compliance comes in.

What is PCI Compliance?

Payment card industry (PCI) compliance is a set of principles and requirements that companies must follow to process payment information online.

These best practices are known as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and are put in place to protect cardholder data and help reduce credit card fraud.

Seems simple enough, right? But, here’s the thing: PCI DSS has six principles or “core objectives,” 12 accompanying requirements, and over 200 specific procedures for compliance.

All of a sudden, owning a printing company and trying to take credit card payments online feels more like this:

While PCI compliance sounds similar to the woes of tax meetings, fire safety inspections, or standing in line at the DMV, the truth is that with a little help, it can be conquered.

How to Ensure Your Printing Firm is PCI Compliant

It’s not hard to guess that you would rather be spending your time selling printing than worrying about the ins and outs of credit card payment compliance.

That’s why the websites at Marketing Ideas For Printers allow you the ability to set your e-commerce settings for your payment options, merchant account, and supported payment gateways, such as:

Or, better yet, you can take all the effort out of establishing your Online Payment Settings by contacting our preferred Payment Solutions partner: Bristol Pay.

With Bristol Pay, you’ll not only get the benefit of establishing a relationship with an online payment solutions provider, but you’ll also be able to lower your rates without lowering your expectations. Enjoy benefits such as no set-up fee, flat monthly membership fees based on processing volume, automatic enrollment in their Rewards Program, and best of all – a guide to help you navigate your way through the ick of PCI compliance.

The Obvious Choice

Failing to maintain PCI compliance can hold significant consequences.

With the headaches of this past year, no business owner wants to deal with things like lost sales and revenues, bearing the cost of legal settlements or judgments, or even the simple yet profound impact the loss of customer confidence can have on your business.

PCI compliance is one of those business things that you seek the help of experts on and why we place such experts in your path… to help you succeed in selling more printing!