ezMail is Making Way for Odyssey

We will soon be relaunching the ezMail website at EmailMarketingForPrinters.com, and with that relaunch, you’ll learn about the new path of email marketing offered by Marketing Ideas For Printers.

Spoiler Alert: ezMail is being phased out to make way for the more robust marketing tools planned for the all-new Print Management Information System (Print MIS) from Marketing Ideas For Printers, code-named “Odyssey.” Not only will Odyssey manage the day-to-day activities of print production, but it will also include a marketing suite to connect you with your prospects and customers at every stage of the print-buying cycle.

When the ezMail website relaunches on Thursday, December 8, 2016, all free ezMail plans will be discontinued, and ezMail will be removed from all Grow and Conquer website bundles. However, ezMail will continue to be available for all current ezMail subscribers with a paid subscription, as well as for all active users of an ezMail account included in a Grow or Conquer website bundle. (“Active” means the ezMail account has been accessed between January 1, 2016, and November 28, 2016.)

With ezMail subscriptions soon to be no longer available (except for our existing customers with active ezMail accounts), it’s time to check out Odyssey, the future of email marketing for printers!