Printer@Work: Celebrating Issue 300

You will soon witness a landmark number: the 300th issue of the Printer@Work email newsletter! (Printer@Work is an email newsletter available to all Websites For Printers website clients.)

Wow! 300 issues! Let’s make that number more real.

  • Newsletter content is provided for delivery on the first and third Tuesday of each month. 300 issues ÷ 2 issues per month = 150 months, or 12-1/2 years. That’s a pretty good run!
  • Each issue contains a unique original cartoon called T.G.I.Monday. Those cartoons start as a pencil sketch, which is then colorized by our design team. Each colorization takes, on average, 45 minutes. 300 issues x 45 minutes = 13,500 minutes (or 225 hours, or 9.375 days) dedicated to bringing the line art drawing to life with color.



  • We always provide the default content, but our customers are encouraged to customize that content. The 300 issues of Printer@Work have been converted to custom newsletters 6,080 times.
  • How many people receive Printer@Work? A lot. 146,111 at the time of this writing, to be exact.
  • And it takes a while to send the newsletter to that many subscribers! When we hit the “send” button on behalf of our subscribers, Printer@Work takes about 6.5 hours to get all 146,111 issues delivered from start to finish. In case you’re wondering … yes, we could make it go faster, but we’ve intentionally set up the delivery to keep the big batch of 146k emails from getting in the way of all the “business” emails (orders placed, proofs available, estimates requested, etc.) generated by the website.

A whole LOT of content!

Each issue of Printer@Work includes a cartoon (like the T.G.I.Monday cartoon above), a message from the owner, a tip from the Ideas Collection that is found on every Websites For Printers website, a marketing tip, a featured printed product (we call it the “Uncommon Product”), and a tech tip. If every piece of content that was provided for the Printer@Work newsletter over its 300 issues were represented by one piece of candy, it would look like the picture below. That’s 1,500 pieces of content!


That candy didn’t last long at our party to celebrate the 300th issue!

Printer@Work Works!

We’re always hearing how the Printer@Work email newsletter helps printers connect with prospects and customers. One of our favorite “connection” stories was an email we received from one of our customers. At the bottom of the email was the current issue of Printer@Work, sent from the printer to the print buyer. Above that newsletter, the print buyer replied with a simple request: something like, “I need to reorder 5,000 more copies of the XYZ brochure.”

More recently a printer customer shared this feedback from one of his customers:

“I always enjoy your {Printer@Work} newsletter.  I particularly like your In-Design tips about preflight in this one.”

Building sales and making connections. That’s Printer@Work at its best!

Printer@Work is a pretty big deal, and 300 issues is a pretty big number. Join us in the celebration!