For The Undecided

If you’re a subscriber, this one’s for you…if you’re not, we hope this will grab your attention!

Make Public Order Forms Private And Vice Versa

Ever go to the trouble of building a fully custom order form, only to discover that what you actually needed was a private order form? Or built a custom private order form, when what you actually needed was a public order form?

ClickOur latest round of updates now allows you to change a public document to a private one and back again, with only a single click!

When you are editing a custom order form, there will now be a header telling you whether it is a public order form or a private order form, along with a button that allows you to change it. Just a heads-up, if you convert a public document into a private document, make sure you assign it to a company, branch or individual user so that it’s viewable by somebody.

Delete Parts of an Order

It is now possible to delete individual jobs within an order in the Control Center. So if a customer submits an order for business cards and brochures, but later decides against getting the brochures, you can now remove that for them. It’s easily done — there’s a delete button provided on the right edge of each job summary.