The Winter Blues Club

Is It Cold In Here?

As you might know, is based in Fargo, North Dakota. But one thing you may not know is that winter can get pretty harsh in Fargo!

We’ve already been through a week of sub-zero weather this season, and that can sometimes make getting to work in the morning quite an adventure.

Here are this year’s members of the Winter Blues Club*, as of 12/23/13:

Carl2Carl: Furnace started to work intermittently, requiring several stop-gap measures to get it back up and running — including the tech-support stand-by, turning it off and then on again. At one time, the home temperature dipped as low as 50 degrees! Ultimately, it had to be replaced (the furnace, not the home).

Dee2Dee: Dee went a whole night without the furnace when the North Dakota winds blew enough snow into the furnace’s intake pipe to block it up. But fortunately she was able to get the technicians out there in the morning, and had it fixed within the day.

JasonJason: Winter has put Jason’s car in a headlock, and isn’t letting go. Once the temperature dipped below freezing, his car stopped working as often as he’d like it to. After bringing it to two different shops, he learned that one of his valves freezes up in the cold. He’s still able to use his car, but he has to let it idle for 10 minutes before he hits the road.

katrinaKatrina: Katrina’s car decided to completely flake out on her one morning (no pun intended…no, scratch that, we’re pretty proud of that one). She couldn’t even turn the key in the ignition! She managed to find another ride, but got stuck in a traffic jam due to an accident, which was due to: winter in Fargo. After properly disrupting Katrina’s day, her car inexplicably started working again by the afternoon. Could the ignition itself have literally frozen?! Maybe. And since we’re talking about Fargo, that’s the explanation that makes the most sense to us.

Just Another Day In Sunny Fargo, ND

But we’re not complaining. We like to think living here makes us more hardy. Besides, we’re optimistic: June is only 6 months away!

Which one of these hardy souls has the most heart-wrenching story of winter woe? Let us know and we’ll buy them a cup of coffee to help them warm up!

*The Winter Blues Club is made up of the members of our team that had their workday disrupted by Winter itself.