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Last week, we shared five benefits of online ordering. This week, we’re going to dive into what your customers expect from an online ordering solution.

Really, that should be pretty easy. After all, we’ve all ordered stuff online, right?

We’re always told to put ourselves in the shoes of our customers, so what do you expect from a company when placing your order online?

More than likely, you expect what you’d think would be the basics.


A professionally-looking website.

Would you place an order with a company (and give them your credit card information) if their website looked like it was designed by the owner’s nephew as a class project?

Of course not.

Instead, you’d be smart and order from a website that looks credible and trustworthy.

Plainly stated price and product information.

Nobody wants to spend their time creating an order (especially a print order!) and then experience sticker shock once the checkout button is pressed.

Instead, you’d be smart and start your order from a website that has all the information you need at your fingertips without any fine print, gimmicks, or price surprises.

A clear, self-guided process for ordering.

“Well, I got to step 2 of the online order process, but then I had no idea what to do next. I didn’t have time to call the company or try and figure it out, so I gave up.”

Yikes! Not how you want (or expect) online ordering to be.

Instead, you’d be smart and order from a website that clearly walks you through the order process from concept to completion.

The products you want.

This seems glaringly obvious, but imagine if you went to design and place an online order and just as your finger hovers over the “Place Order,” it says something like “Available in-store only.” What? Are you serious?

Instead, you’d be smart and order from a website that allows you to order everything you set out to buy.


If you take these basics to heart, you’ll quickly recognize that as complicated as you thought implementing an online ordering solution would be, all you really need is to make sure your solution includes the following pieces:

Online ordering hasn’t become successful because companies are trying to keep up with other companies.

Online ordering is successful because your buyers are demanding it.

Convenience, availability, variety, ease of ordering, efficiency – these all speak to the desire of your print buyer and to all of us.


If you’re wondering if you have the ability to meet that need, keep an eye out for next week’s email. We’ll introduce you to one of your printing peers and hear from him on the success he’s had, the struggles he’s overcome, and his overall experience with online ordering. Don’t miss it!

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