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If there were a dollar for every time a printer asked how they can compete with cheap print giants like…(well, let’s not name names), we would all be soaking up the sun on a beautiful tropical island somewhere. (Sigh)

But before any feelings of hopelessness set in, keep in mind that perceived business giants aren’t infallible. Consider Sears, Payless, Radio Shack, Gander Mountain, and JC Penny.

What do all of these “giants” have in common? They’ve all closed massive amounts of retail locations because, the reality is, each store has their own mountains to climb, but one mountain is consistent for all companies, big or small:

When consumers need or want change, you have got to change with them.


Nothing drives this point home more than online ordering. As business owners, we either like the way the internet revolutionized how people shop or we don’t, but we cannot ignore it. The fact is, your customers no longer look at online ordering as a luxury. They look at it as a requirement.

If your customers and prospects visit your website but cannot find what they’re after or be able to order it right then and there, they’ll quickly open a new tab and head over to your competition.


You want to sell more printing, and we want to help you do that. Over the next several weeks, we’ll look at the benefits you (and your customers) will experience when you implement an online ordering solution for your print shop.

To wet your whistle and get you started, here are five benefits knocking on your door with a quality, online ordering solution:

1. You’ll expand your reach.

Online ordering allows you to sell printing from anywhere at any time, day or night. It’s quite possibly the least expensive sales tool you could have at your disposal. Think about it: whether your local bakery is inquiring about you or a prospect across the country just stumbled upon your website, they can both reach you, learn about your product offerings, and order from you quickly and easily.

2. You’ll increase trust.

When your customers see that your website and online ordering capabilities aren’t stuck in the dark ages, they’ll know you’ve got their backs when they need trendy, on-point, easy-to-order print and design. Trust can make or break a business, so think long and hard about how you are representing yourself and your capabilities online.

3. You’ll gain loyalty.

Did you know that increasing customer loyalty by just 5% can increase your revenue by 25% to 95%! With online ordering, the convenience and value you bring offer an incentive for your customers to order from you over and over again. Loyalty is getting harder and harder to keep, so make sure your customers have a reason to give it to you.

4. You’ll improve your cash flow.

With your online ordering momentum growing, and a budding customer order history, you’ll soon have the benefit of repeat orders coming in with less money (and time) spent trying to find new customers. Orders coming in with less money going out makes for a cash flow that you can easily work with.

5. You’ll make more money.

Say what?! Yep, you saw that coming, didn’t you?

Expand your reach > increase trust > gain loyalty > improve cash flow. We all know that growth takes time, but you only have two options: you either grow, or you don’t, so choose wisely.

We’ve only scratched the surface of what an online ordering solution could mean for your business. Stay tuned for next week as we’ll be letting you know What Your Customers Expect From Online Ordering.

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