If you’ve been in an Adobe product as of late, you may have seen warnings flash on your screen telling you the end is near for Type 1 fonts. But what’s the deal? Should you be worried? While it’s not a fontpocalypse, it is worth paying attention to and may require action on your part before Type 1 fonts are

Having a great website starts with your home page. Just as a magazine or postcard gives you only a few seconds to capture the attention of your audience, the same is true of your digital doorstep. ”Your website is likely the first impression a potential customer will receive about your company. It’s almost like a first date. The customer simply

Good website design for your print company could mean the difference between getting an online order and being passed over for a competitor. But why? Isn’t a good website design like art? Isn’t it relative and dependent on the eye of the beholder? Not exactly. Your website design has to accomplish three critical things: Your website design should create a

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The design process can be extremely fun to be a part of when done right. There are some challenges, however, that will pop up along the way within the design process, and it’s essential that you’re ready for them. Challenges like: Communicating with the customer Understanding the size or orientation of the piece Ensuring that the design layout is successful As

Results. Whether it’s weight loss, test scores, or finances, tangible success is the payoff everyone wants. Your customers are eager to acquire customers and increase profits; it’s your job to sell them on PRINT as the strategic solution they need. Success Starts Here Start here! A 2015 DMA Response Rate Report found that, when it comes to results, direct mail

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As sparks are to fire, inspiration is to great design. The word “spark” has become synonymous with life, vitality, or the heated release of anger, passion, or creativity. A creative spark is sometimes all it takes to inspire a grand slam idea. That’s why this month we’ve included a second BONUS design tip to every website from Marketing Ideas For

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Average media consumers are staggering under the weight of spam e-mails and information overload. Think you can’t compete? Think again! While your customers may believe print advertising has grown stale, the “digital deluge” means there has never been a better time to highlight beautiful print promotions. Rules of the Road The newest design tip in our Ideas Collection, available on

When I first started talking about Building Sales With Your Digital Dialog, I discussed how the real version of you is complimented by the online version of you.  When your customers opt to buy their printing from your website, is the online version of you as engaging as the real you? That’s certainly an important part of the Digital Dialog, but before that dialog