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How Can We Help?

Do you work with outsourced designers and are frustrated when they don't know how print production works?

We work with printers every, single day, so we know printing. We can help!

Do you have a team that can handle “regular” design work from your customers, but doesn't have the time to do the “this really needs to be great!” high-end design?

We have great designers. We can help!

Do you need a great designer, but can't justify hiring a new employee?

Our great designers are available for you to use on a per-project basis. We can help!


Why Choose Us?

Free consultation and flat-rate pricing with no surprises.

Ever been burned by an unproven talent? Work with a company you already know and trust: Marketing Ideas For Printers! Plus, Marketing Ideas For Printers customers get a big 33% discount!

We guarantee the design we provide will be 100% production-ready! We'll make sure your design not only looks great, but also goes through production with no surprises.

Our Process

  1. Start with a free design consultation.
  2. We'll tell you the fixed cost for your design.
  3. The first half of your design is billed up front.
  4. We create your masterpiece!
  5. The second half of your design is billed upon completion.
  6. We deliver the completed production-ready design to you.
  7. Need to change something? You are provided with two free revisions to change anything about the design. (After your two free revisions, any additional work will be billed at our hourly rates.)