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MI4P Website Tutorials Webinar Series

Join us for 20 minutes every Thursday morning at 10:05 AM CST for this webinar series that dives deeper into getting the most out of your services offered by Marketing Ideas For Printers. Even those this webinar is focused on our subscribers, everyone is welcome to attend.

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From Surviving to Thriving: Weathering the Coronavirus Storm [Webinar Series]

Coronavirus Resources for Printers – Episode 023: Helping You Navigate the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) Loan Forgiveness Information (with Joanna Erber)

Webinar Resources:

Previous Webinar Episodes

Episode 022: How to Make Great Website Sliders

Episode 021: Mike Jensen from Tri-M Graphics shares their Now Open / Safe Shop Zone initiatives.

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Episode 017: Successfully Managing Your Business Whether In Crisis or Not, Featuring Barry Gish of Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS)

Episode 016: Creating Order Forms on Your Website

Episode 015: Using LinkedIn to Communicate and Connect with Your Customers (Featuring Kelly Mallozzi of Success in Print)

Episode 014: Large Format Order Forms, Default Messages, and Global Questions

  • To existing website subscribers of Marketing Ideas For Printers: If you don’t see the new Large Format Order Form on your website and would like to, be sure to contact us to have it added.

Episode 013: Preparing for the Rebound from COVID-19, Featuring Wayne Metcalfe of Discount Labels

Episode 012: COVID-19 Banner Order Forms

Episode 011: Successful Online Webinars and Meetings

Episode 010: Providing a Path for Purchasing COVID-19 Support Products (From your home page to your order forms) …

Episode 009: Emerge from COVID-19 Stronger with Kelly Mallozzi of Success in Print

Episode 008: Website Alerts and Custom Email Newsletter

Episode 007: 3 Quick Tips for Social Media Engagement

Episode 006: An Incredible Idea to Help Your Community with Mike Jensen of Tri M Graphics

Episode 005: Coronavirus Resources For Printers Webinar Series – OnSIP Phone Solution

Episode 004: Is Direct Mail Safe During COVID-19?

Webinar Resources for answering the question, “Is direct mail safe?”:

Episode 003: Creating Website Alerts and Adjusting Shipping Options

Episode 002: Managing the Financial and HR Aspects During COVID-19

Episode 001: How to Craft Messaging That’s Well-Received by Focusing on O.T.H.E.R.S.


Help your print buyers get the word out with these free COVID-19 banners. You’ll receive the Adobe InDesign documents, along with all the necessary graphic files, for three different banner options to choose from. It’s our gift to you to remind you that we will get through this. Together. (BONUS: If you’re a subscriber to the websites from Marketing Ideas For Printers, the corresponding order forms for these banners have been added to your website. Simply activate those forms within your Control Center to get started.)

Download Free Banner Files

Click here to see a sample PDF.

Resources for Printers During This Time

Below is a list of collected resources that will help you navigate your business through this new unknown. If you know of additional resources that printers should be aware of, please contact us to add them to this page.

General Business Resources

Print-Specific Resources

Noteworthy Blogs

Marketing Resources and Examples

Free COVID-19 Postcard For Your Print Buyers

If you’re struggling to get a message out to your print buyers during this time, we can help. Receive a free written and designed direct mail postcard to send to your print buyers to let them know you’re still here when they need you. You’ll receive an Adobe InDesign document with all the necessary graphic files for a completely customizable postcard.

Download Free Postcard Files

Click here to see a sample PDF.

Curious How Other Printers Are Doing?

Learn how other printers in the industry are faring from around the world from the COVID-19 Survey for Printers.

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