Help Calm the Storm with Reliable New Content for Your Print Buyers

Being the trusted calm in the storm is one of the best things your business can do for others that are trying to find their way through it.

With great options to help your customers remember that you’re still here and have the solutions they need, these latest trusted content packages will do the trick.

National Direct Mail

“Over 90% of people would consider leaving their job if offered a position in a company with an outstanding corporate reputation.”

Yikes! That’s how vital branding is!

The theme of August’s National Direct Mail (available now for download) is on encouraging businesses to renew their focus on branding from top to bottom. You can grab their attention and their business no matter where they are with this postcard. It is the perfect way to go big. (Plus, there’s the added bonus of no zip code restrictions!)

Printers Press

How do you present your business to the world?

Encouraging your print buyers to think about their presentation assets is the theme of the latest Printer’s Press (available now), including tips for what to put into presentation folders and how to use them effectively.

Printer’s Press is not all business, though. There is a lot of fun and relaxation built into this issue, like a little Patrick Swayze, personal retreats, and homemade pizza pockets.

Business Forum

And the award goes to…


The August Business Forum (available now for download) motivates your print buyers to reach for new heights, encouraging them to think about business awards and personal achievements. While they are at it, they’ll also be inspired to choose new print formats and think of you as their partner for print marketing assets and a whole lot more.

Coffee Break

Did you know that Sequoia National Park was established on September 25th, 1890? Or that September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day?

Besides the interesting dates on the fact-a-day calendar, Coffee Break is filled with fun and humor like this…

A little boy was playing at the playground after school. His mother came to pick him up and he asked her, “Who am I?”
The mother replied, “I don’t know! Who are you?”
The little boy said excitedly, “WOW! My teacher was right. She said that I was so dirty that even my own mother wouldn’t recognize me.”


These days, business moves at the speed of light.

Things change so quickly that posters are a cost-effective way to help your buyers keep up. FastStart is positioned to give your customers some inspiration to look at printing posters and banners with you, as well as postcard or mailer options, packaged and ready to go.

Don’t miss reeling in your print buyers with this powerfully effective direct mail package!

Local Edge

It’s important that your customers think of your business as an essential part of their team.

The August edition of Local Edge (available now) strives to do just that. It is a simple postcard with a big message – marketing requires a team effort in which your printing business is a crucial part. This month’s product focus is full-color envelopes to help them get their message out in style.

New Web Content Available Now

The Ideas Collection: Simplify Design

Narrowing the focus and simplifying the amount of content that goes into any design project is often one of the hardest things to work through.

There is so much to say and only a limited amount of space in which to say it. The new tip available in this month’s Ideas Collection, available on every website from Marketing Ideas For Printers or through WordPress plugin, has three great ways of helping customers navigate one of the most common design dilemmas.

White Paper

The majority of small businesses don’t have a full-fledged marketing team and are always looking for help and guidance to craft the right marketing message for their business. Here is a great resource you can provide your print buyers.

Tell a Beautiful Story with the 7 Principles of Design” is packed with inspiration and useful knowledge that will help your customers build confidence in their design choices and guide them to a better result. Or, better yet, guide them right into your arms for help!

And remember, white papers aren’t just for the benefit of your audience. Here’s how white papers help you sell more printing.

The Finest Hour

Set aside the unpredictability of the rest of the world for a moment. Think of your trusted partnerships and lean into them.

Ready to expand your options to meet the needs of your print buyers? Trust your content with the experts. Get started by downloading free samples below.