Selling For Printers: How to Sell Private Label Websites to Your Print Buyers

Private Label Websites have been hailed as, “Your Secret Weapon for Repeat Print Business.”

That’s because this customer retention heavy-hitter provides a custom, branded, print-buying experience for your corporate customers, creating a super-highway between their print buyers and your print website.

Private Label Websites create the sticking power you want with your customers by:

  • Leveling the playing field of competition.
  • Sealing the relationship, making it too hard for your print buyers to go anywhere else.
  • Providing a steady stream of online orders where you get paid upfront.

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5 Tips to Help You Sell Private Label Websites to Your Print Buyers

All of those benefits listed above remain “pie in the sky” if you can’t get your print buyers on board and using Private Label Websites.

Here are five tips to help you sell Private Label Websites to your print buyers.

1. Embrace Your Inner Salesperson

Whatever your aversion to sales may be, it’s not as scary as you think.

In fact, if you have kids, there’s a good chance you already have loads of experience. Just think how many times in your life you’ve had to “sell” the idea of going to sleep to a child. Unless you’re incredibly blessed, it’s (highly) unlikely that those precious youngsters approached you each evening and calming stated, “I’m tired. Would you be so kind as to put me to bed whenever it’s convenient for you?”

Rather, you embraced your inner salesperson and sold them on a great solution (SLEEP!) because of the benefits you knew it’d offer for your child (and for everyone else in the house).

This same line of thinking applies in any sale you’re trying to make. You have a great solution (Private Label Websites in this case) that will benefit your print buyer and make their tomorrows better. Go with confidence!

2. Warm Them Up to the Idea

To get momentum and sell your print buyers on a solution, don’t bang them over the head with an idea. Warm them up to it.

You are their print-buying leader. It’s your job to teach them to order printing in the best way possible, and as Krish Kandiah says, “Don’t be a bang the table leader. Be a set the table leader.”

Set the table for your print buyers by introducing them to the idea of a Private Label Website. Start building and sending content around ideas such as:

  • How to Save Time and Money with Your Print Order Every Time
  • Want Your Own In-House Printing Departement for Free? Here’s How!
  • X Ways Smart Business Owners Order Printing

You’ll be surprised at the momentum this will bring and how much more open your print buyers will be when you do reach out directly.

3. Make it Personal

Once you’ve begun to warm the lead, it’s time to make it personal.

Send a prospecting email or physical letter that creates a relational connection and makes them aware of the benefits of your solution. Here’s an example of one we helped a customer with in the past that you can customize to fit your print company.

Hi [first name],

I’m super excited to recommend our new web-to-print software to [Print buyer company name]. [Printer company name] is providing this web-to-print portal to only a select few, preferred customers, and you’re one of them!

Here are a few of the benefits your team at [Print Buyer Company Name] would enjoy from getting started with it.

• Your team can order printing from a customized web page with your logo, so it looks and feels like you have a printing department right within your business!

• You’ll enjoy peace of mind with the security that comes through individual logins and passwords.

• You can minimize errors and speed up production timelines with real-time personalization on projects such as business cards.

• A Reorder Library makes ordering as easy as saying, “I’ll have my usual, please.” Reorder reoccurring products with quantity options quickly and easily.

• Your team will appreciate the ability to guarantee branding consistency and the look and feel of all of your print products with locked templates.

• Keep an excellent handle on things with set permissions for order and financial approvals.

• You’ll enjoy painless payment options such as purchase order, COD, or credit card.

• Ship anywhere with flexible distribution and ship to address options.

• Get the knowledge you need to make the decisions you have to with reorder data and usage reports at your fingertips.

[First Name], having your own private printing portal on your website means you can take care of your print ordering quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to doing what you do best at [Company Name].

If you’re interested, I’d be happy to walk you through a [insert time here – 10 minutes] webinar demonstration to show you more. Let me know if that would be of interest to you.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with [Print Buyer Company Name] in the future!

All the best,

[Printer Name]

4. Schedule, Create, and Present Demos

If you don’t read anything else in this blog post, please read this: To sell your print buyers on using Private Label Websites, you have to demonstrate how it works for them.

You’ll get the best results from demos if you:

  • Set up a demo with your print buyer’s branding, so they can see what it’ll look like.
  • Put in some of their common reorders.
  • Role-play the order process with them.

Your objective here is to explain the problem with how they’re currently ordering their printing and then offering them a better way.

  • “Does anyone in the company besides [Employee Name] know how to order printing? What happens if that employee leaves? Private Label Websites alleviate this issue by making it easy for anyone to order printing directly from a link on your own company’s website.”
  • “Are you struggling with inconsistent branding and quality between your multiple branch locations? Private Label Websites pave the way for consistent, quality results, no matter the branch, when ordering printing directly from your website.”

5. Go for the Ask

Printer: “So, what do you think? Can you see the potential benefits of a Private Label Website for your company?”

Client: “Yes! This is great! I had no idea I could order printing like this through your website.”

Ok, now it’s time for a pop quiz. In the above conversation, what should the printer say next?

  • “It is great, isn’t it? Well, thanks for your time,” or
  • “I’m glad you think so. Can I go ahead and get you set up with this?”

If you said the second one, congratulations!

Every demo you create should follow through by going for the ask. If you struggle with this, remember, you know the benefits here will really help with their business, so:

Don’t be shy about offering a solution.

Lastly, if it’ll help you step out in confidence more, keep this sales tip in mind: Be 10% pushier.