Marketing Ideas For Printers and Discount Labels Launch Online Label Design Integration

Bert McCaffrey is in an enviable spot.

He gained powerful, new online ordering capabilities, and other than answering a phone call from his Discount Labels sales rep, he didn’t even need to lift a finger!

It All Started with a Phone Call

Our story started when Bert’s sales rep at Discount Labels reached out to him.

He asked Bert if he’d like to add the ability to allow his print-buying customers to design their own labels online through a tool to be added to his website, Bert’s reply:

“Sounds great, but you’ll have to get it done with Marketing Ideas For Printers. They’re the ones that take care of my website for me.”

That meant the next call from Bert’s Discount Labels sales rep came our way. Together, we all decided it was an excellent idea to build a connection on the websites we provide for printers (like Bert) and the online design tool provided by Discount Labels.

A Winning Collaboration

The good news is that by working together with Discount Labels, the same connection we created for Bert on his website is now available for you, too!

If you’re a customer of Discount Labels and subscribe to a website from Marketing Ideas For Printers, you can launch a service to allow your customers to design their labels online right from your website.

And, just like Bert, you won’t even need to lift a finger! (Well, lift your finger once to click the button on the bottom of this page!)

See Online Label Creation in Action

Want to see how it works?

Take a look at the Labels page on Bert’s website: The Design Online option appears on that page, and if you give it a click, you’ll see what it’s like to design your own labels.

As soon as you’ve approved the label, you can add it to the shopping cart and watch it flow right back to Bert’s e-commerce website. You don’t have to complete the order, but if you did, the order would be fulfilled by Discount Labels and managed by Bert’s website.

If you were Bert’s print buyer, you’d create and design your label, place the order, and pay for the order all in one seamless visit to the website. Everything should be this easy!!!

The good news is: It can be this easy if you’re a customer of Discount Labels and have an e-commerce website from Marketing Ideas For Printers.

The hardest part is just letting us know you want to make it happen, and you can do that by clicking the button below!