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FastTrack is one of the most powerful tools printers can use to make it easy for print buyers to order printing. It’s a web-to-print must-have!

What is FastTrack?

FastTrack is a virtual printer driver available as either an individual add-on or as part of an add-on bundle for use with the websites provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers. Print buyers download and install FastTrack and after installation, it appears on the print buyers’ computer system and is accessible to any application on your print buyer’s computer, just like a physical printer.

It’s powerful. Anything printed to this printer driver gets turned into a PDF, right on the spot! The resulting PDF is run through an exhaustive preflight analysis and FastTrack then fixes what it can. As an example, FastTrack will convert colors to CMYK and standardize similar spot colors. (For example, Pantone 185C and Pantone 185CVC will be standardized to Pantone 185, eliminating “accidental” extra printing plates.) FastTrack will also warn print buyers about things it can’t fix, like low-res images, giving the print buyer the opportunity to fix the issue, ask for your help, or sign off with their approval on the less-than-desirable image quality and live with the consequences.

FastTrack is great! So what could go wrong?

If a Tree Falls…

You know the saying:

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make any noise?

Here’s the FastTrack equivalent:

If a powerful tool like FastTrack is on your website and nobody downloads it, does it exist at all?

If you have FastTrack on your website, you have to be proactive and get it into your customers’ hands. You can’t sit back and wait for your prospects and customers to download it. That’s a topic for another time, but what if you’re at the point where your prospects and customers are downloading and installing FastTrack on their own? Well, good for them!  (And good for you, too!)

But here’s a little secret we wanted to let you in on. Currently, if your customer tries installing FastTrack on their own, they might give up when they see a “scary warning message.”

Heightened Security

Modern operating systems (including both Windows and Mac OS) have heightened their security, and sometimes that causes problems for installation of “less than common” software. (Geek note: FastTrack includes an installation application that’s created uniquely for each printer, and that uniqueness is what makes it “less than common” to modern operating systems. Even though your customers’ computer systems may present a warning, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about at all. The software is completely safe and does nothing but good things.)

Your print buyers will likely see the scary warning messages displayed by their computers as a result of “less than common” software. The warning messages look like this.

Websites, FastTrack, Looking For FastTrack Testers, Marketing Ideas For Printers

There’s no danger, but you’d never know it by the warnings. That’s why it’s imperative you guide your customers through the installation process in person whenever possible. You can reassure your customers that FastTrack is a good thing, and not the scary monster their computers are making it out to be.

Scary Message, Be Gone!

Here’s some good news: A new version of FastTrack is on the horizon, and it will eliminate the scary warning message! We’re still several weeks away from being able to announce a release date, but you can request to be a beta tester right now! In fact, for those desiring to be a FastTrack beta tester, you’ll move right to the front of the line to get that scary message removed. (Yes, you’ll be on the fast track!)

Better yet, there are enough pieces in place that our team can remove the scary message now from your existing version of FastTrack! Want to help us test FastTrack later and remove the scary message now? All you need to do is send us a note. Contact us by giving us a call at 800-736-0688 or by using the Say Hello section below and we’ll put you right at the front of the line of FastTrack beta testers.


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