Document Library: The Easy Way to Order Printing (Webinar Recording)

Those who ____ ____ ____, plan to fail.

This was just one of the handful of quotes we used to present the most recent webinar in the Quick Win Webinar Series. This webinar was about the Document Library, and how Document Library items make it super-easy for your customers to order printing from you.

By the way, during the webinar we filled in the blanks to read like this:

Those who miss this webinar plan to fail.

Yeah, we took a little liberty with that quote, but you get the point! But even if you did miss the webinar, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the recording:

Document Library items have proven over time to be one of the very best ways to make sure your customers keep ordering printing from you. We’ll show you how they can be a part of your website, just visit us at, or give us a call at 800-736-0688.

There are still two more webinars coming in the Quick Win Webinar Series. We hope to see you there!