Document Library: The Easy Way to Order Printing

You know how to finish these quotes:

Good things come to ________________.

A picture is worth ________________.

Those who ________________, plan to fail.

We’re going to fill in those blanks the Document Library way!

Quick Win Webinar #2: Document Library

When we fill in those blanks we’ll show you how the Document Library helps your customers keep their commonly ordered printing items organized in a way that encourages them to buy more printing.

Webinar on Wednesday, January 21

Please join us for Wednesday’s webinar: Document Library: The Easy Way to Order Printing (the second webinar in the Quick Win Webinar series). You’ll learn how to setting up Document Library items for your customers makes it easy for them to buy printing from you.

Attendees rated the first Quick Win Webinar an average of 4.125 on a scale of 1 to 5. Give us 20 minutes, and we’ll give you the quick win ideas that will increase the efficiency and profits created by your Websites For Printers website!