An Important Alert for all our FastTrack Users

The new year is supposed to be a time of clean slates, great expectations, and new resolve. Sometimes, however, it also introduces unforeseen new challenges. That was the case for the FastTrack print driver software available on many of your websites. The license key provided to us by our software partner (Enfocus) unexpectedly expired at the end of 2014. Since all of the FastTrack installers were built using this license key, any print-buyers who have tried using FastTrack since that time have been greeted with a message saying the software has expired.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that, working with Enfocus, we have obtained a new license key that will resolve this issue. We are now in the process of rebuilding the FastTrack installers using this new license key instead of the expired one.

What This Means for You

We are currently rebuilding the FastTrack installers for all of you who have FastTrack available on your websites. If you use FastTrack on your website, we’ll let you know as soon as your new installer is up and ready for your customers to use. You can expect to hear from us by no later than the end of Thursday that your updated installers are ready.

What This Means for Your Customers

Once your new FastTrack installers are in place, your customers will need to discard their existing FastTrack software and download a new installer from your website. This will once again allow your customers to send files to your website using the FastTrack PDF printer.

How We’ll Help

We’ll help you get that information out to your customers. Our team is working on a tool that will allow you to send a message to all of your website customers. At the moment, though, our top priority is rebuilding the FastTrack installers to reflect the updated license key. You can expect to see the “tell everyone about it” tool soon after the installers have been updated.

Lessons Learned

As with any miscue, there are important lessons to be learned from this experience. Enfocus told us, for example, that they will never again set a license to expire on a day when no one is scheduled to work (December 31, in this case). For our part, we’ve learned that even the best laid plans can sometimes hit unforeseeable snags, so it’s good to have a highly responsive partner who’s as interested in “getting it right” as you are. Enfocus has been that kind of partner, and we’re glad for it.