Unleashing the New Printer@Work

Coming March 18: A brand new Printer@Work sales and marketing email newsletter! It’s so easy to upgrade you don’t need to do a thing! But you’ll still want to know what’s coming, so grab some popcorn and watch the recording of this 30-minute webinar, Unleashing the New Printer@Work.

Here’s an index of what’s in the webinar:

1:23 — Overview: What Printer@Work looks like
3:15 — Today’s Agenda
3:41 — What You Need to Do
4:40 — New Fun@Work Content
7:19 — Timing and Timelines
10:10 — Custom Printer@Work
18:13 — The Asterisk
25:00 — Upgrade Incentives
25:45 — Q&A Overcoming Filters and Blocking in Emails
26:45 — Q&A Open Statistics in Ezmail
27:30 — How to Contact Us if You Need Help

Questions During the Webinar

A number of questions were asked during the webinar via webinar chat. Here are those questions, and our answers.

Q: For custom newsletter users is that automatic notice ‘about the new newsletter’ going to be automatically sent out or will we be able to control that ourselves.
A: Yes! That’s an eleventh-hour addition we’ll make available to you. You can expect to see that in your Control Center no later than Monday, March 17.

Q: Does the new Printer@work give us the functionality of seeing open statistics through EZmail?
A: No, not today… (That’s all we’re saying for now, read between the lines as much as you wish!)

Q: Will the New P@W be able to overcome the filtering and “blocking” of images that so many of our Outlook email clients are using?  The old P@W was “awful” when viewed in Outlook.
A: Yes! To clarify, each email recipient may have the ability (depending on their email software) to allow or block images included in each email they receive. If they choose to allow the images, the newsletter will indeed come through intact, which didn’t always happen with the original Printer@Work newsletter.