Lightning Round Webinars Riding Off Into The Sunset

The Purpose of the Lightning Round Webinar

Animation-Option-2Just over one year ago, we introduced our Level 2 and Level 3 websites. The new websites differed from the Level 1 websites in many ways, which led to many questions from our existing customers about the new sites versus the originals.

To help address those questions, we started the Lightning Round Webinar. When we first began, it was a daily webinar — and we answered a lot of questions! Over time, there stopped being quite so many questions, and we were able to move to a weekly webinar instead.

No Longer Needed

Since that time, we’ve made several improvements to the website to make it more intuitive, reliable, and effective. We’ve also added a complete Getting Started series of documentation for the new sites which addresses many of the initial questions that our users have when first using the sites, and we continue to add new articles based on real-world questions that we get from our customers. To keep our customers up to date about the latest changes in the websites (and in our other products as well), we’ve begun actively announcing those changes on our company blog, Airhorn. Plus, we’ve expanded our team to handle any questions that we still get, which has helped us push our “median-first-response-from-an-actual-human” time down to an all-time record low of under 41 minutes!

For these reasons and more, the Lightning Round Webinars served their purpose, but that purpose no longer exists! Therefore, we have chosen to make our February 6th episode our last one.

But we’re still here to help you! As always, just call us at 1-800-736-0688 or email us at if you have any questions about the websites or any of our other products.