Webinar: Last Webinar – We’ve Got Your Back from Beginning to End (Feb 06, 2014)

Our last webinar gives an overview of why we began Lightning Round Webinars, how the webinar contents can help answer your questions, and how you can continue to stay connected with us. Be sure to listen at the 9:27 mark as Dave Hultin shares a heart-felt experience of caring for his aging mother, and how it relates to selling printing. This February 06, 2014, Lightning Round Webinar has been recorded it for you to view at your convenience.

0:41 — This Is Our Last Webinar
1:29 — We’ve Got Your Back: Custom Homepage Sliders
3:57 — Custom Website Design
7:14 — DesignEdit
9:27 — How Does An Elderly Parent Help You Sell Printing?
13:26 — Some Takeaways
14:40 — The Beginning and the End of Webinars

16:06 — Airhorn Blog
17:07 — Facebook
17:40 — LinkedIn
18:08 — Emails
18:24 — Gutenblog