Webinar: List of 10 W4P Updates Made Over the Holiday Season (Jan 09, 2014)

Check out this list of 10 updates that were made to Websites for Printers over the holiday season in this January 09, 2014, Lightning Round Webinar. We’ve recorded it for you to view at your convenience.

2:42 — Quickly Change From Public View to Admin View
5:07 — Customize/Edit Images in Your Website Footer
6:50 — Bug fix: Showing Quantity in the Workflow Export
7:39 — The Ability to Name Proofs
8:51 — New Verify Button to Verify Your Social Links
10:24 — New Download All Button for Files Associated With A Job
12:02 — The Ability to Delete Specific Jobs Instead of Orders
12:58 — Mass Complete Option Added
14:12 — Converting From Public Document to Private and Back Again (Document Library)
15:53 — Cut-and-paste Google Analytics