Webinar: Unveiling New Name for Cumulus, Bargain Basement Templates, New Blog “Airhorn” (Sep 5, 2013)

Unveiling our new name for Cumulus, Bargain Basement templates, and our new blog “Airhorn” are some of the topics discussed in the September 5, 2013 Lightning Round Webinar. We’ve recorded it for you to view at your convenience.

1:08 — Unveiling of the New Name for Cumulus
2:05 — Highlights from DesignEdit
4:18 — Bargain Basement Templates
5:25 — Flyer & Order Forms Included in This Month’s Invoice
6:16 — Q&A: How to Make & Use a Custom Callout Box?
10:57 — Q&A: How to Create Templates with Pageflex Studio?
12:55 — Buzzfeed: Corrected LinkedIn Update
14:11 — Intro of our NEW Blog: Airhorn